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Michigan Youthful Offender Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA)

If you commit your offense between the age of 17 and 21 you may qualify to get your case dismissed under Michigan’s Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (referred to as “HYTA” for short).

HYTA is available for all offenses except:

  • All Traffic Offenses (including DUIs)
  • Any Criminal Sexual Conduct charge (of any level)
  • Offenses where the maximum penalty is life in prison

Since this is sentencing, it is ultimately the judges discretion regarding whether or not HYTA can apply. The prosecutor does not have to consent in order for the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act to apply. While typically used for first offenders, there is nothing prohibiting HYTA from being applied in situations where a Youthful Offender has more then one conviction.

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