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Michigan Expungement

In Michigan you may be able to get your first offense expunged after a five year period passes without any criminal acts (M.C.L 780.621). In order to qualify for Expungement, you must not be convicted of more then one crime. This means if you plea to two offenses, even at the same time, you will not be eligible for Expungement.

Having two offenses on your record may not mean that expungement is impossible, however if this is the case, you need assistance from a lawyer to see if a conviction must be overturn before expungement can happen.

The following crimes are not eligible for Expungement:

  • Traffic Offenses
  • Felonies for which the maximum penalty is life imprisonment
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct (of any degree)
  • In order to get your conviction expunged, you must fill out the forms at the clerks office and send two sets of fingerprints to the state police so that they may report to the court.

    Michigan First Offender / Youthful Offender Programs

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