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Michigan First Offender Programs

If you have been convicted of a crime and are a first offender, meaning this is the first offense you have committed (not including non-misdemeanor traffic tickets) you may qualify for a Michigan First Offender Program where upon successful completion, your case will be dismissed.  If you were under 21 at the time the crime was committed you may qualify to have your case dismissed under the HYTA program. It is important to remember that it is ultimately the judge’s job to determine sentencing an thus it is usually the judges decision regarding whether or not you can enter the First Offender Program and ultimately get your case dismissed.

Below are different types of First Offender Programs and Youthful Offender Programs available in Michigan.  To receive more information on what First Offender Program may apply to your case, please click the appropriate link below:

Michigan Drug Possession First Offender Programs

Michigan Youthful Offender Holmes Youthful Trainee Act

Domestic Violence First Offender Program

Other First Offender Programs

If you do not qualify for any First Offender Programs, you may be interested in Expungement

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