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Metro Detroit Probation Violation Lawyer

If you have a Probation Violation in Metro Detroit, you need a Metro Detroit lawyer on your side. There are many things to remember regarding your Metro Detroit Probation Violation.

In Metro Detroit and the rest of Michigan, probation is privilege not a right. Defendants placed on Probation should know that since it is a privilege, probation can be revoked at any time, even without a Probation Violation (although this is rare).

Generally probation violations may result when any of the following occurs:

  • being charged or arrested for a new crime
  • failure to pay fines / restitution
  • -failing drug screening
  • not meeting with your Probation Officer
  • failing to appear at court
  • leaving the state
  • failure to gain employment

*This list of reasons for potential Probation Violations is only a partial list.

Generally if you are suspected of a Probation Violation, you will receive a notice of a revocation hearing or violation.  When you go to court, the judge will determine whether or not the Probation Violation occurred.  Probation Violations only require the courts finding of “preponderance of the evidence” that terms of your probation have been violated.  The  “burden of proof” in Probation Violation Hearings is much lower then what is needed to convict you of a crime.  With Probation Violations, you also have no right to a jury trial. This is why if you have received a Probation Violation in Metro Detroit, you need a qualified lawyer that handles Probation Violations.
While it is relatively easy for the court to find a Probation Violation, what an experienced Metro Detroit lawyer can help you with most is arguing your case to the judge.

Here is a partial list of possibilities that can occur as a result of your Probation Violation:

  • A continuation of probation with out punishment. (most likely occurs for small, technical violations)
  • Modify the conditions of the probation, or extend the period of probation. (generally for more serious probation violations)
  • Revoke the probation and sentence the defendant on the underlying offense. (also for more serious probation violations)

What can a Metro Detroit Probation violation Lawyer do for you?

A Metro Detroit Probation Violation Lawyer can work with the prosecutor to increase the chances that the case will not proceed to a probation violation hearing. If it does proceed to the hearing, your Metro Detroit Probation Violation Lawyer can help argue your case in front of the judge.

If you have a Probation Violation, it is essential you hire a Metro Detroit Probation Violation Lawyer. Call The Law Office of Scott M. Aaronson, P.L.L.C..  Consultations are free and confidential. A Metro Detroit Probation Violation Lawyer will call you back within 24 hours, usually much sooner.

This site and any information contained herein are intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. You should really seek competent metro Detroit lawyer for advice on any metro Detroit legal matter. If you would like a free consultation regarding your legal case, please feel free to call 248-956-1165.

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